Singing in the amphitheatre at Kaunos
NEW Musical Cruise Holidays
Introducing our music inspired gulet cruises
Roman amphitheatre of Kaunos
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Lesley's earliest memories are of singing
as a child -  in church and school choirs
whilst also learning piano and double

She was asked to be the Musical
Director for Quangle Wangle Choir and
from there established Local Vocals in
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We found plenty of interesting places
for you to dance on and off the boat
so we're doing it all over again.

Anne has run circle dancing holidays
in Croatia for many years and loved
her experience on one of our singing
cruises - so much so that she wanted
to dance with a group here.
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Circle Dancing
with optional hiking
Returning for a second year Celia is looking
forward to creating harmony with you.

Leading voice work and singing groups for over
17 years, more recently on residential holidays,
Celia believes that vocalising, creativity and song
should be accessible to all regardless of musical
ability or experience.

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Sing Like No-one's Listening
Singing with optional hiking
A chance conversation with a guest led to the creation of our first music holiday.

We'd been hiking through pine forest and olive groves, watching gambolling lambs and
wild goats cross our path; breathing in the scent of spring flowers and feeling humbled by
the nature in which we had immersed ourselves.

Eventually returning to East Meets West for a refreshing swim followed by tea and cake, I
was relaxing on a sunbed under the awning next to Audrey who sighed and said "This is
bliss, all I want now is to sing." "Well, go on then" was my rather naive reply. She found
the energy to raise an eyebrow before announcing " Not like that, I mean with my choir.
To be connected with the oneness of singing together in this peaceful, beautiful place".

And so our musical journey began. Audrey introduced me to Roz Walker who runs Global
Harmony in Devon who ran the very first of our Sing & Hike Gulet cruises. Together we
worked out how to combine hiking and singing whilst still providiing plenty of time for
swimming, snorkelling and relaxing. I'm happy to say that Roz has returned many times.

So musicality has arrived at East Meets West. You can combine singing with hiking,
meditation and healing. You can bring along your guitar, ukulele, drum or marakas! You
can even dance too.

To find out more just email
Be prepared to move your body and sing your
heart out - join Bruce and his singing
community on the Aegean Sea.

Bruce has a talent for enabling people of all
abilities and backgrounds to sing with wild
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The Guitar Gulet
Guitar playing with tuition
We had great fun with this trip last year; no
matter your experience you're sure to love
being in the company of other guitarists who
are happy to share their skills and

Plenty of time for formal tuition, jamming and
open mic too.

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with optional hiking
Sing with Wild Abandon
with optional hiking
After having had such a wonderful holiday
last year Su is returning again to East Meets

Her teaching style is  informal and very
relaxed and she gets you singing in
harmony very quickly.
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Su Lewis
14 - 21 October 2019
  Anne Parry
13 - 20 May 2019
Lesley Whatley
  20 - 27 May 2019
Bruce Knight
2 - 9 September 2019
Thomas Binns
13 - 20 July 2019
Celia Webb
6 - 13 May 2019
Creating a sense of euphoria and connection for
everyone involved, Sophia's singing cruise was soul
inspiring, heart warming and empowering; so much
so that she's returning for 2 weeks in 2019.,

She collects and teaches songs from around the
world and would like to introduce you to them on
this cruise.
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Singing Ourselves Home
with optional hiking                      
Sophia Efthimiou
19 - 26 April 2019
26 April - 3 May 2019
Last 2 places
Last  2 cabins
Last 2 cabins
Let Your Heart Sing
with optional hiking
Susie will take you on a musical journey every day
in this peaceful environment.

Explore sound healing, songwriting, improvisation
with voice and rhythms, percussion, meditation
and more.

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Susie Ro
7 - 14 October 2019
Sing Your Socks Off
with optional hiking
Last 2 cabins
Filling Fast
Sing Whilst You Cruise
with optional hiking                      
Specialising in world music, acapella and folk
traditions Jenny has been leading acapella
harmony workshops for 25 years.
Jenny will teach all the songs by ear (no
written music) so you can simply enjoy the
experience - trusting your ears and your
connection with each other and the

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Jenny Goodman
10 - 17 June 2019
Sing Out
with optional hiking
This will be the third year that David and Liz
have sung their way around this beautiful

We've sung sea shanties, lullabys and music
from around the world.

Join us for one week or two.

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David & Liz Stewart
27 May - 3 June 2019
3 - 10 June 2019
Su has an inclusive & infectious style holding the
singing with humour and depth.  She collects and
teaches songs from different cultures and
traditions from around the world as well as our
own. Su's aim is always to bring great fun, active
listening, harmony and confidence for all, whatever
age, ability or background.

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Su Hart
12 - 19 April 2019
Having led several singing holidays, we're happy
to welcome Claire onboard East Meets West.

She has an energetic and inclusive approach to
singing and vocal exploration. She is a sensitive
facilitator and her style is relaxed, affirming and
fun. Singing with Claire will definitely put rhythm
in your toes and a spring in your step!

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Sing Your Heart Out
Claire Anstee
21 - 28 October 2019