Noah's Ark Pudding - Aşure / Ashure
Leaving Fethiye Port after breakfast
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Often people who join our cruises are interested in
learning a little bit more about life here; whether it's
about the wonderful food, the differences in culture,
history and archeology, what happens to the boat out
of season or how different life is in Turkey in the winter.

So I shall try to share with you some of my
experiences here, in our newsletter and on our
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I look forward to receiving your comments, questions
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This evening as the sun was going down, I opened my front door
both hands and offering it to me.

Sharing this traditional dessert (locally known as Aşure)
with your neighbours regardless of race, culture or belief
symbolises  the true meaning of friendship and generosity so
often found in Turkey.

From time to time, a little bit of magic happens here and serves to
remind me how a little bit of generosity and consideration can
really bring joy into life.  

Once eaten, the washed dish should be returned to your
neighbour - but it shouldn't be empty!  I don't often cook Turkish
food so I'm afraid I substituted a box of After Eights; much to the
delight of their children!
This traditional pudding is made from a mixture of 7-15 different varieties
over sweet, but has an unusual texture and is really very filling.

The Day Of Aşure falls on the 10th day of Muharram, the first sacred
month of the year in the Islamic calendar when huge quantities of this
pudding will be made by families all over Turkey and in some Middle
Eastern countries too. It will be shared with friends and family, individual
What's the story?
This traditional dessert originated from a very popular story or a legend
about Noah and his ark, which is said to have rested atop Mount Ararat in
North Eastern Turkey.

To summarize briefly, the story tells of Noah and his family together with
some animals aboard the “ark” which they built to save themselves from
the great flood.  

After the long journey above high waters, the great flood  finally subsided
and the ark rested on dry land, yet Noah and his family had already
almost run out of food.  So in order to save themselves from starving,
Noah immediately decided to gather all the left over fruits, nuts, and other
remaining grains in his storage and mixed them together.   The way Noah
and his family prepared and cooked all the ingredients that were left from
their storage resulted in a porridge-like pudding which we now call
“aşure” or Noah's Ark pudding.
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